Dear Parents, What comes to your mind when you hear “Programming”?

Just because your kids learn programming doesn’t mean your kids have to become a programmer.

The same can be applied to other educations. Just because your kids learn arts and crafts, and music doesn’t mean they have to become a painter or musician.

Do you know the real reason why kids need to learn programming?

The 21st century is an era of rapid change.

There is no single answer to address the issues that arise from an increasingly complex world. We need to come up with multiple solutions through trial and error to realize our idea. That’s what it takes to survive in the 21st century.

However, realizing our idea requires logical thinking and creativity.

Programming is structured and layered by sequence, selection, and iteration. Therefore, if you learn programming, you will naturally obtain an ability to critically analyze and logically think what you see.

On top of this, there is no absolute single solution in programming.

There is not a correct answer but multiple alternative answers. Programming is similar to LEGO. Programming helps you develop your creativity because you can code the program based on your own imagination.

Of course, if you master programming, you can obtain an IT skill to freely control IT devices and to realize what you want to do.

If your kids develop logical thinking and creativity, and obtain an ability to realize their idea, they can survive in the 21st century without doubt.

Programming provides your kids with the idea on how to use their brain.

Hiroto Ihara

Hiroto Ihara
Chief Executive Officer, Edoo Inc.

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Hiroto was born in Fukuoka in the southern part of Japan. He has grown up fatherless since his father passed away when he was 13 years old. Thanks to his mother's hard work, he was able to go to a university, learned economics, and started working at a bank after graduation. Getting a job and obtaining financial expertise at a bank have paved the way for his business and private life. Looking back at his experiences in the past, he has strongly believed education has a power to change one's life.

He first visited Bangladesh, one of the poorest countries in Asia, in March 2014 and found so many young people were unemployed due to a lack of access to education while they were diligent and eager to learn. After the visit, he decided to support the disadvantaged people to realize their hidden potential. He founded Edoo Inc. and started a job-guaranteed online programming school for young Bangladeshi in February 2015.

He also looks to raise the next generation through education so that they can leverage an ability to think and create in the 21st century. He will spread his education activity for the next generation all over the world.

He was previously CFO and Executive Vice President at Everlife; a Japanese health supplement company, a director at CLSA Capital Partners; a Pan-Asian based private equity fund, and a director of international and investment banking division at Mizuho Financial Group in London/Tokyo.

He has a degree in Economics from Kyushu University, Japan and holds Executive MBA from INSEAD.

He has a wife and two kids.

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