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Lesson 5 ~ 8

Lesson 9 ~ 12

The course is tailored for beginners at the age of 8 - 15 years and consists of private lesson and home-study.

Experienced tutors in the Philippines conduct a private lesson.

Students will learn how to code games for three months by taking a lesson once a week.

Lesson is provided from 10:00 to 24:00 (Philippines time) Monday through Friday. Students can choose the most convenient lesson time.

The length of each lesson is 45 minutes.

Original textbooks are made by our experienced engineers.

1st month - Catch The Banana

Catch The Banana

Name: Catch The Banana

Description: All you need to do is catch bananas as long as you can. Don't allow 20 bananas to reach to ground or else the game is over.

Key Points: Moving object from left to right using computer's mouse, Random places of objects, Counting how many miscatch objects, Scoring.

2nd month - Snow Fight

Snow Fight

Name: Snow Fight

Description: Shoot white bears as long as you wanted. Don't let them hit you for over three times or else the game is over.

Key Points: Create shooting object, Score if hit the enemy, Disappear when hit, Game over when hit by Enemy object.

3rd month - Super Bear

Super Bear

Name: Super Bear

Description: The same way super mario does his thing. You should reach the finish line without falling or get hit by obstacles.

Key Points: Make a running motion, Make a full width map, Game over when hit the bottom, Score base on distance travel, Make sound effects

Enchant JS

We teach students enchant.js.

echant.js is a game engine that enables students to create a program by writing simple codes and can work on Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android.

The reason we chose enchant.js is it is built on the basis of HTML and JavaScript.

As HTML and JavaScript are the first programming languages to be mastered in the world of programming, students can apply what they learn in our course to other advanced programming smoothly. Mastering enchant.js makes it easier for students to go a step further to the next stage.


9leap is a game sharing site not only for posting games kids have made but for playing games others have posted. There are over 1,000 games posted on the site.

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